We have an opportunity to start a discussion with the Auckland Council over beefs we may have had - or are having - with their Processing of Building Applications.

This is an opportunity to vent some anger - or send them a Bouquet of Flowers if you have had a positive experience with them. Your choice.


All responses will be anonymous as far as they are concerned, as your name will not be mentioned.
One of the fears already expressed verbally to me is the fear of retribution (or simply non-cooperation and delays in processing your Applications) that has plagued the Building Industry for forty years or more.

Here's your chance! Be as frank as you like, but SAY SOMETHING that I can take to them at my meeting later this month!





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Your email address
How many years have you been dealing with Auckland Council Years (Inc. ACC)
Score your dealings from 0 to 10 (Ten being VERY GOOD)   out of 10
How would you typify their Processing Staff dealings with you over your Applications?
Have you ever had your Application physically returned to you to make minor changes? (Tick all that apply)
No, Never Yes on several occasions Often
Have Council Staff ever called you over minor issues, but made any alteration to your Application themselves?
Yes No        What was your impression of them doing this?
Have Council Staff ever called you for 'More Details' that were actually ON the plans?
Yes No                If Yes - Please explain

Do you think that Auckland Council focuses too much on Trivia that has little to bear on the Application?

Yes No                If Yes - Please explain
Do you think that Council routinely uses triva to 'stop the clock' and delay the Processing time as they are 'too busy'?
Yes No                If Yes - Please explain
Has the requirement of a Resource Consent ever delayed any of your Application Processing
Yes No                If Yes - Please explain
Has a Resource Consent ever been refused on a pool installation, causing you to lose the sale?
Yes No               If Yes - Please explain
How long - on average - to get an Application Approval?  
Less than 4 Weeks 4 Weeks 6 Weeks 8 Weeks 10 Weeks 12 Weeks +12 More than 12
Worse Case Application Delay: Please explain
If granting a Resource Consent invariably occurs, do you think this therefor should have no bearing on issuing the Building Approvals, so that you can get 'On with the Job'and let the 'Red Tape' follow on afterwards?
Yes No  
The Swimming Pool Industry (Unlike the General Building Industry) is a 'Time Sensitive occupation, what with Winter weather, Summer's rush for pools, etc. providing a Limited Window of Opportunity, do you think the Council gives this any thought?
Yes No                 If No - Please explain
Does it make any sense for Council to require a Qualified and Council Listed Engineer to supply technical calculations for swimming pools, then have their own Engineers check your Engineer's work? Isn't this a duplication and money waste?
Yes No  
The Building Act 2004 apparently allows swimming pool construction work to go ahead without a Building Approval providing proper Engineering Supervision and PSs, yet the Council refuses to allow this or agree to Retrospective Certificates.
Did you know this? Yes No Do you think Council should allow it? Yes No
How do you think this would affect pool Builders?
Do you think the current Pool Building Approval Fees are justified as they have risen 300% in less than ten years
Yes No               If Yes - Please explain
If you were the Head of the Building Approval Department, what changes (if any) would you implement?
If you have any anecdotal stories to tell the Council Management Team about their Staff and how you have been treated by them, here is your chance:




We have a chance to confront them with our tales of woe and problems with their Staff - things that they may not be aware of, so don't leave anything out

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