Specialist License Class: Residential Swimming Pool Construction


Personal Interview & Examination (approx 1 to 1-1/2 Hours oral examination)
Hint sheets will be available

Fee for this examination is $650.00

Performance Indicators: 1. Knowledge of Regulatory Requirements pertaining to residential swimming pools
Explain the purpose of the Building Act 2004, the Building Code and Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992 in relationship to residential swiming pool construction
Explain the key features of the Licensed Building Practitioners Scheme
Explain the role and responsibilty of the key parties involved in the construction of  residential swiming pool construction
Explain the requirements of Local Territorial Authorities to obtaining Building Approvals and Resource Consents in reference to residential swimming pools
1.5 Explain the specific requirements of individual competence in the construction of residential swimming pools
1.6 Explain the different residential swimming pool types and their requirements outside of specific fields of competence
Performance Indicators: 2. Knowledge of current residential swimming pool construction methodolgy
2.1 Explain Technical Terms used in the construction of residential swimming pools
2.2 Describe current methodology in constructing residential swimming pools
2.3 Describe what access is available to you, and which NZ Standards pertain to the License Class you are seeking
2.4 Explain what other License Trades might be employed on pool sites
2.5 Describe Safe Working Practice on your pool site.
2.6 Describe your Management of Environmental Issues on the pool site
2.7 Describe Personal Safety Requirements for working on the pool site
2.8 Describe the Preliminary site set-up requirements
Performance Indicators: 3. Knowledge of Planning and Site Preparation
Demonstrate your competance in reading & Interpreting Plans, Working Drawings, Specifications, work planning and Schedules of Quantities involved in the pool installation
3.2 Demonstart your ability to repare a site-specific Safety Plan
3.3 Demonstrate the Material Calculations require to construct swimming pool
3.4 Describe both the Structural Checking Points and when required
Performance Indicators: 4. Knowledge of installation or construction procedures and safety fencing requirements
4.1 Describe "Work Safe" requirements on your construction site
4.2 Decribe pre-excavation preparation requirements
4.3 Decribe excavation phase of pool installation
4.4 Describe reinforcing steel placement, tying and quality checking
4.5 Describe procedures for pneumatic placing of spray concrete, density (strength of concrete in MpA) and slump requirements
4.6 Describe curing requirements of sprayed concrete in particular to seasonal issues and weather (curing inhibitors, etc)
4.7 Describe placement and finishing off of mosaic tile into pool structure
4.8 Describe planning and fixing pool edging stones (aka "pool copings")
4.9 Describe planning phase of pool recirculation and filtration system requirements in relation to pool size and projected uses including choosing water sterilisation systems, ozone generators, chlorine generators or other dosing systems
4.10 Describe the installation of the recirculation and sterilisation system being employed in the pool installation, with particular reference to user safety in the finished pool.
4.11 Describe the requirements of the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act (1987) and the Building Code and how maintenance of the safety system is to be implemented in respect of residential swimming pools
4.12 Describe the level of training and/or instruction in the on-going maintenence given to the pool client, and what back-up documentation is supplied by you
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